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The primary purpose of this project is to enable the people of Rajdhani, especially the youngsters, to get to know each other and about Rajdhani: its history, geography, demography, etc. It is an opportunity for anyone with a link to Rajdhani to come together and introduce themselves to others and then contribute to the project in their own way, e.g. publish articles (factual or creative, prose or poetry), setup local meetings and events for the benefit, interest, information, or entertainment of fellow Rajdhanvis.

To take part in this project, you first need to register with an introductory article about yourself, and then you can write other stuff as and when you wish. Please see “What to Write” page for more information.

We hope, insha’Allah, with your active participation, to achieve most of the following objectives in due course:

  • be the primary source of authentic information about Rajdhani and its people
  • increase the awareness of our heritage amongst the youth
  • keep the Rajdhani community in touch across the world
  • celebrate the achievements of the Rajdhani people
  • encourage and motivate our youth to aim high
  • provide advice and guidance on education, careers, and business, etc
  • enable small business owners to write “advertorials” promoting their products and services
  • facilitate business and social networking
  • initiate and support charitable projects, especially within Rajdhani
  • encourage joint ventures and idea sharing
  • organise events and meetings at local and national level
  • restore and maintain the village community spirit among those living abroad

It is a constantly evolving project, so please don’t hold back on ideas and suggestions for improvements. Any well-considered and constructive criticism is much more valuable than superficial and hollow praise!

Past, Present, and Future…

Alhamdulillah, the precursors to this project started more than two decades ago when we launched Rajdhani Website ( in the year 2000. This was followed by launch of Rajdhani Cultural Society in Leeds (UK) in 2003 to bring locals together for regular social interaction. Then we launched a small project to promote Pahari writing in English alphabet for youngsters, and a prototype magazine was produced in 2012. Persevering on, the current project was kick-started by the name of Rajdhani Connections, a magazine/newsletter for, by, and about the people of Rajdhani [the first issue came out in Summer 2014, followed by Issue 2 in January 2017].

Masha’Allah, we have now remodelled the old Rajdhani website to be the epicentre of this project, as well as an online repository of all current and archived content. To progress this further, we need your help: this ambitious task can only be accomplished by a joint and concerted effort. We are therefore asking you to invest a small amount of your spare time and energy to enable us all to achieve this aim, for the benefit of all.

We are looking for your support in 3 categories, which are:

  • Consultants who can give enough time to take part in discussions (mostly by Whatsapp) to take the project forward and ratify draft guidelines and procedures. Up to 10 people will be recruited initially in this category.
  • Local Promoters and Collators who will actively encourage their family and friends to contribute to the project. They will explain the guidelines and collect and check contributions made by their recruits, before forwarding them for publication, or authorising the publication online.
  • Writers who actually create the material that is published. We need a lot of people in this category! See “What to Write…” page for more information and ideas.
  • Local Meeting/Event Organisers to co-ordinate Local Community Groups activities. See “Local Community Groups” page for more info.

Insha’Allah, we hope to have a buzzing vibrant community that is well connected and works together locally and internationally, setting an example for other surrounding villages to follow in our footsteps. No doubt it will take time and we shall have to surmount natural and artificial obstacles, but we will get there slowly but surely!

One of our future goals for this project could be to setup an annual Rajdhani Festival Weekend taking place in the UK and Rajdhani (at different times of the year so people can take part in both if they want).

What to Write…

Everyone who joins this organisation has to submit a self-introduction or personal statement. The idea is to give the other members sufficient information so they know who you are, as well as anything else that you want to share with them. Just imagine you are sat on a plane next to a person of your age and you discover they are also from Rajdhani. Write down what you would you want to tell them about yourself to make friends.[Please bear in mind that this information will be “published”, so anyone can read it therefore do not include any information that you wish to keep private.]

  • School Children and College/University Students: You can write about what you are studying, your favourite subject(s), spare time activities, and future plans.
  • Working People: Tell us what you do for a living, a bit about your past and your future plans. If you have any specialist knowledge or skills, or interests, and of course your thoughts on taking this project forwards.
  • Others (Retired People, Housewives, Long-term ill or Disabled): Please tell us about your situation so that others may learn from your experiences. If you are not able to join the website, then you can contribute indirectly by telling your story to another member as an interview or conversation.

In addition, it would be nice if everyone could write a paragraph about they think of the Rajdhani Connections project – what you can bring to it and what you expect to take from it. Also any ideas and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

After you have done the personal introductory piece, you may write about any subject, news/views, stories and essays, prose or poetry, within the following guidelines:

  1. Contributors must hail from Rajdhani or have a strong affiliation. Outsiders can contribute but the articles must be about Rajdhani or its people, or be of direct interest or benefit to the people of Rajdhani.
  2. Contributions can be written in English, Urdu, or Pahari/Pothwari using either Urdu or English alphabet. Guidance is available on request for writing Romanised Pahari/Pothwari. Written pieces should be 100-500 words. Longer ones may be serialised.
  3. Mention of any real persons (living or deceased) should be in good light and never be derogatory or libellous. You should seek the permission of the person you are mentioning or their next-of-kin in the case children or deceased persons.
  4. All work submitted for publication must be the author’s own original work. You can include quotes from others’ work (with references) but no plagiarism please.

And Finally…

It is really up to you now. You should now have all information about this project and its intentions.

The question now is simply: Can you spare 15 minutes to write a few lines about yourself to join this project?

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. It would be great to have your introductory article in the next issue of Rajdhani Connections. You can send your introduction (about 100-200 words) by email or WhatsApp or click on Contact Us on our website:

WhatsApp: 07493 501567

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Rajdhani Connections

Last Updated: January 2024