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Frequently Asked Questions

(These are some of the actual questions that were asked by various people about the project. They have collected here for the benefit of others who may have the same questions but are too afraid to ask.)

 Question: Who is behind this idea?

Answer: The intention is to (eventually) get all of you behind this idea, and push it as far as possible to reap its full potential. A small group of Rajdhani residents in Leeds UK were the instigators, but now have a half a dozen people from across the village who are committed to this project.

Question: Isn’t it going to be expensive and who is going to pay for it?

Answer: We are not embarking on a commercial venture to produce a glossy magazine. This will be mainly an online resource and every so often we will produce a printed version for the benefit of those without internet. We will also send a few copies to Rajdhani schools. The production and distribution costs will therefore be minimal so there will be no charge, fee, or chanda to pay for this magazine.

Question: What about time, who is going to do all the work?

Answer: Again, with the help of a few dedicated volunteers in different town and Rajdhani, we should be able to cope for the time being. As to future development and content, we are hoping you will give your time to generate content and ideas.

Question: Why do we have to write something to join the project, can’t we just say we are from Rajdhani?

Answer: The main purpose of the project is to get people know each other. If everybody just said “I am from Rajdhani” the there won’t much to read. It is like going to a “bring a dish” street party where everyone is expected to contribute to make it a successful party. It won’t be much fun if everyone took a packet of crisps!

Question: I am not a good writer and am worried about others laughing at my spelling mistakes or grammar. How can I get around that?

Answer: All the more reason to take part because “practice makes perfect!” By reading others’ contributions you will be able to improve your writing and gain confidence. Also, at this stage, we are more interested in your thoughts and ideas rather than punctuation and spelling. Alternatively, you can try your hand at writing in Romanised Paharhi, where there are no rules (as yet) about spelling etc. Just get your ideas across and you have done the job!

Question: How about getting a fund together (based on membership fee, or voluntary contributions) to enable us to give out prizes for best writing and other achievements?

Answer: An old Yorkshire saying “where there’s muck, there’s brass” is also often true in reverse. So for that reason we are not going to even think about money! As for rewards, similar thing applies: unless and until we have a fool-proof, trusted and transparent system for deciding the winners, it will be open to accusations of corruption. So for that reason, the only prize the writers will get will get now be the readers’ appreciation, which should be more than enough.

Question: I am worried that people will start attacking each other and cause offence. How will this be addressed?

Answer: The rules state that no one can write about anyone else in a derogatory fashion. These will be applied very strictly. Our aim is to get people, particularly the youth, to write good things about themselves and others, in the hope that this positive attitude will pervade our community.